Everyone Love the Dream Nike Air Force 1 Pixel CK6649-400

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Everyone Love the Dream Nike Air Force 1 Pixel CK6649-400

After the brand manager Matthew Williams and Nike jointly launched the MMW x Nike joint series, the ALYX brand also officially cooperated with Nike. Recently, the 1017 ALYX 9SM x Nike Air Force 1 exposed at the beginning of this year will usher in the official sale. A total of two pairs of color schemes were launched this time, and Nike Air Force 1 High was selected as the design blueprint, which interprets the usual high street concept to the extreme. The first pair is made of black lychee skin and embellished with white Swoosh Logo. The strap part replaces the traditional strap with ALYX's iconic functional buckle, which is full of grids. "1017 ALYX 9SM" with the bronzing lettering on the heel highlights the senior joint identity.

Recently, a brand new Nike Zoom Traverse has been exposed overseas, which is specially designed for children and its performance is quite eye-catching. Buy Jordan Soles The upper adopts a striking cable design, and is specially marked with a red unlock icon, which is convenient for children to understand intuitively. ​Only a simple step of extraction, that can achieve faster and effective adjustment of shoelace tightness. In addition, the entire pair of shoes also has a dazzling performance under luminous conditions. The eye-catching reflective pattern covers the upper, which is quite eye-catching, effectively ensuring the safety of children in the dark.

Air Force 1 can be called an evergreen shoe ring with its classic versatile shape and brilliant color matching. For this reason, Nike continues to inject fresh vitality into this pair of old OG shoes. Recently, there is a brand new color-matched Nike Air Force 1 Pixel coming soon. The whole pair of shoes is composed of a lake water green shoe body and a white midsole. The hollow Swoosh Logo and the stitching style at the midsole show a strong deconstruction style. But the biggest highlight of the whole pair of shoes is the mandarin duck design of the tongue. The words Nike and AF1 are presented in a 3D style, and they are decorated with the tongues of the left and right shoes, which are quite eye-catching.